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  TOSIBOX® 4G Modem

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  TOSIBOX® 4G Modem


The TOSIBOX® 4G Modem delivers an LTE internet connection to TOSIBOX® Lock.

The TosiOnline™ functionality minimizes downtime through the Lock’s intelligent automatic reconnect and error recovery technology.

Industry Grade

TOSIBOX® 4G Modem is designed for industrial environment. With its industrial hardware design, DIN rail mounting and SMA antenna connector, the TOSIBOX® 4G Modem can easily be installed into the existing infrastructure.


Power is supplied through the USB port, eliminating the need for an external power supply.


The TOSIBOX® 4G Modem also offers a serial port with an AT command interface which enables for example the sending and receiving of SMS messages. The APN configuration is automatically handled by TOSIBOX® Lock.

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